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    Ons voornaamste doel: u een onvergetelijke 4x4 reis te bezorgen tegen de allerlaagste all-in prijs! Our main objective:
    contributing to the success of an unforgettable off-road holiday... yours!
    Unser Hauptziel:
    Eine erfolgreiche Beitrage zu einem unvergesslichen Offroad Urlaub….. nämlich dem Ihrigen!

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    Al sinds 1997 het meest persoonlijke advies voor uw off-road avontuur! Personal travel advice since 1997!
    Contact our experienced multi-lingual travel consultants
    Individuelle Reiseberatung seit 1997!

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    Duidelijke en eerlijke informatie van ervaren Nederlandstalige reisadviseurs Honest and useful travel information
    and the best rates!
    Ehrliche und nützliche Reiseinformation
    und die besten Preise!

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    Betaalbare 4WD voertuigen en campers in Zuid Afrika en Namibië, Canada, USA en Australië Affordable 4WD vehicles and campers
    in South Africa and Namibia, Canada, USA and Australia

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4WD Info

This page is currently under construction, more info will be added soon!

Why a 4wd?
Travelling with a 4wd vehicle is by far the most versatile way of experiencing what a country has to offer.  Getting ‘off the beaten track’, as they call it, adds this sense of adventure to your holiday and ensures lasting memories and impressive photos and/or video footage to enjoy for a long time after your return!

Many stunningly beautiful locations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, can only be accessed by 4×4 vehicle or 4×4 camper and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all that, would you?  Imagine the most impressive swimming holes, national parks, remote beaches, small settlements, you name it, all accessible to you, where other travellers who must stay on the sealed roads with their 2wd vehicles, miss out on all that!   The professionals at Totally 4wd Campers are in daily direct and most of the time also, personal, contact with all 4wd vehicle suppliers and are in the best position to negotiate great rental deals on your behalf.

Adventure at your fingertips,  go for it!

Below photos were shot by the Duisters family, on a road trip through TotallyCampers from Darwin to Perth, August 2018:

a quick clean of the vehicle before returning it…