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    Ons voornaamste doel: u een onvergetelijke 4x4 reis te bezorgen tegen de allerlaagste all-in prijs! Our main objective:
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    Unser Hauptziel:
    Eine erfolgreiche Beitrage zu einem unvergesslichen Offroad Urlaub….. nämlich dem Ihrigen!

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    Al sinds 1997 het meest persoonlijke advies voor uw off-road avontuur! Personal travel advice since 1997!
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    Duidelijke en eerlijke informatie van ervaren Nederlandstalige reisadviseurs Honest and useful travel information
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    Betaalbare 4WD voertuigen en campers in Zuid Afrika en Namibië, Canada, USA en Australië Affordable 4WD vehicles and campers
    in South Africa and Namibia, Canada, USA and Australia

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4WD itineraries through Australia

4WD itinerary Australia for 4WD campers

Have you never been to Australia before? In that case it is understandable that the many available options will be mindboggling and even confusing. We at Totally 4wd Campers are very happy to advise and help you decide on an itinerary which is ‘do-able’ within the timeframe you have set.

We are still busy to work out all the itineraries for you. In the meanwhile, we are happy to provide you with personal tips on the possible itinerary you can follow.

For the people without much 4WD experience it is wise and possibly less daunting to alternate traveling on sealed roads with driving on unsealed sections and tracks. There are several ‘easy’ yet exciting outback tracks/roads that can be used as shortcuts or to avoid some rather boring stretches of asphalt.

These unsealed roads offer you a fantastic first and unforgettable outback experience. To name a few well known ones:
The Tanami Road, Gibb River Road, Plenty Hwy, Great Central Road (Gunbarrel) and the Oodnadatta Track. Most of these take between 1 and 5/6 days, or longer if you take your time to enjoy the many sites along the way. Most of these roads are prohibited for 2WD vehicles so you not only escape the busy areas but by renting a 4WD you also sign up for a much more exciting holiday than most other travelers. More tips and information on exploring Australia by 4×4 can be found here.

Road conditions

It is very important to always check the road conditions and weather forecasts prior to driving into a remote area. If you carry a 2-way radio or handheld radio with duplex mode, also check the emergency channel for that area. There will always be a central location where that channel is constantly scanned. Sometimes from a roadhouse, sometimes from a local police station. The easiest way is to ask before you enter an area, and there are always signs on the side of the road (usually at the start) with the channel on them. It is also important to read the terms and conditions and possible road restrictions for the specific 4WD vehicle that you hire. For some areas you require the rental company’s permission since it is a very expensive piece of their hardware that you have been entrusted with.
Some areas in Australia are at your own risk, and the insurance is void in such areas, so keep this in mind and take extra care. We always ensure that you will start your 4WD adventure very well informed.